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Currently Managing Tottenham - Season 2 Teamsheet

Currently Managing Tottenham - Season 2 Teamsheet

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

World Cup - Your thoughts so far

The world cup has now reached the quarter finals stage, so we've only got 8 more matches to watch! Italy, France & England are out, but the South American teams seem to be playing well - with Argentina & Brazil scoring plenty of goals so far.

What are your thoughts so far? Who is going to win? Vote in the poll and write your comments here. Should video technology be introduced? England were denied a goal which would have made it 2-2 against Germany. Later that day, Argentina were given a goal that was offside - video replays would stop things like this happening - wouldn't they? Send us your comments.

Friday, 18 June 2010

England 0 v 0 Algeria (Full Time) World Cup Match Report

England 0 v 0 Algeria
Another very disappointing result for England fans. After the draw with USA last Saturday, most of the country were still deluded about England's chance of winning the world cup - even I got sucked in to thinking that it's just the first game, nothing to worry about! This performance though, was even worse.

Wayne Rooney looked dis-interested, except for the 3 long range efforts on goal - none looked likely of troubling the Algerian goalkeeper. Shaun Wright Phillips came on in the second half - he made very little impact with his light-weight, one dimensionality running. However, I lay blame solely on Fabio Capello... Here's a few of his poor decisions.
  1. Played Steven Gerrard on the left for this game, when he was the best player last Saturday from playing in the middle.
  2. Not selecting Theo Walcott in his squad. Theo was one of the stars in qualification, so why choose Lennon & Wright Phillips ahead of him? Theo has blistering pace and can turn it on in big games (Remember his hat-trick against Croatia or his blistering run from his own box for Arsenal v Liverpool in the champions league - running the length of the pitch taking on Liverpool players before setting up a goal.)
  3. Calling up Carragher for the squad. Even Sol Campbell would have been a better choice. Carragher is a red card/penalty concede waiting to happen.
Group Table
4 Slovenia
2 England
1 Algeria

England v Algeria World Cup Match Report (66 mins)

England 0 v 0 Algeria (66 mins)
England are still very poor, mainly thanks to the poor tactical decisions from Fabio Capello. Not taking Theo Walcott is the biggest mistake he's made. His pace is second to none and he would run at defenders. Aaron Lennon has been playing on the right, yet he keeps turning inside - for what reason? He doesn't even have a left foot. Get Joe Cole on, or it's going to be another disappointing draw.

Frank Lampard? Is he playing? Because I've not seen him since the national anthem. Jamie Carragher has picked up a yellow card, his second of the tournament, which is great news as he'll miss the next game through suspension.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Soccer Aid 2010 Pictures - Old Trafford, June 6th

Here are a few pictures from the recent soccer aid game at Old Trafford - won by the rest of the world team on penalties - More details to follow.