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Currently Managing Tottenham - Season 2 Teamsheet

Currently Managing Tottenham - Season 2 Teamsheet

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

World Cup - Your thoughts so far

The world cup has now reached the quarter finals stage, so we've only got 8 more matches to watch! Italy, France & England are out, but the South American teams seem to be playing well - with Argentina & Brazil scoring plenty of goals so far.

What are your thoughts so far? Who is going to win? Vote in the poll and write your comments here. Should video technology be introduced? England were denied a goal which would have made it 2-2 against Germany. Later that day, Argentina were given a goal that was offside - video replays would stop things like this happening - wouldn't they? Send us your comments.


No registration advertising said...

Argentina to win. They look poor defensively but they'll score more then they will concede so thats all that matters!

Anonymous said...

video replays and whatever would spoil the game what would we have to talk about if there was no controversy

Mark said...

After Germanys performance with England
they are a sure favourite.

Anonymous said...

Spain looked good today when the dire Torres was substituted for Llorente. Still can't get over England's poor performance on Sunday

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