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Currently Managing Tottenham - Season 2 Teamsheet

Currently Managing Tottenham - Season 2 Teamsheet

Friday, 18 June 2010

England v Algeria World Cup Match Report (66 mins)

England 0 v 0 Algeria (66 mins)
England are still very poor, mainly thanks to the poor tactical decisions from Fabio Capello. Not taking Theo Walcott is the biggest mistake he's made. His pace is second to none and he would run at defenders. Aaron Lennon has been playing on the right, yet he keeps turning inside - for what reason? He doesn't even have a left foot. Get Joe Cole on, or it's going to be another disappointing draw.

Frank Lampard? Is he playing? Because I've not seen him since the national anthem. Jamie Carragher has picked up a yellow card, his second of the tournament, which is great news as he'll miss the next game through suspension.


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